The TPG Difference

The TPG Customer Experience Platform® blends AI and human intelligence to deliver the most impactful CX changes for your business.


At TPG, AI-powered tools like our cognitive computing analysis and customer sentiment auto-scoring are connected with meaningful insights from our team of CX strategists.

We’ve been studying consumer experience patterns for 20+ years. Our proprietary learnings drive our entire platform, allowing us to develop smarter tools and provide expert consultancy.


years of consumer
experience learning


powered tools connected
with human insights


TPG Customer Experience Platform


Through AI-powered analytics and 20 years of industry-leading data, TPG delivers intelligent CX that drives real business results.

How it Works

The TPG Customer Experience Platform® offers SaaS tools coupled with expert-led strategy to help your team create the Ideal Conversation, building strong brand memories and driving ROI.

Our platform drives CX transformation through a continuous Evaluate-Analyze-Activate-Optimize cycle. We address specific business needs such as sales, retention, and compliance, while keeping a constant pulse on your brand’s customer experience heartbeat.


We start by evaluating and reporting on your prospect and customer tele, chat, and email interactions with the TPG Compendium. Going beyond typical cognitive computing analysis, our AI-powered tools leverage 20 years of proprietary CX data to map customer interactions against 100+ behavior-driving communication attributes. We assess talent skill, acquisition process, voice of customer, voice of talent, mystery shopping, and compliance auditing to capture key CX learnings.


We turn data into insights, creating an analytics-backed CX action plan. Using AI to isolate key, brand-specific customer sentiment data, we create a brand-specific TPG Indexto measure transformation, and identify & quantify ROI opportunities. Our Predictive Experience Modeler tool runs simulations so you can actually see achievable outcomes.


We activate transformative CX changes across your brand’s channels. TPG provides change management leadership and straightforward tools that drive ROI impact behaviors. Through agent coaching, performance management, and dialogue strategy, we help you execute intelligent CX.


We’re constantly working to measure and improve customer interactions to meet business goals. That means we continuously study the impact of CX changes to your brand’s unique TPG Index, factoring in CSAT surveys, Net Promoter Score, Customer Lifetime Value, Average Order Value, workforce management, and competitor analysis. We iterate, enhance, and go after new ROI opportunities.

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