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Impactful customer interactions require real-time analysis backed by key data. That's why we built Anna™, our AI-based evaluation platform.


Anna can assess your CX interactions with scale, volume, and speed. She’s also an expert at finding solutions to help simplify your coaching and compliance efforts—which can dramatically improve your CX.

The Ideal Conversation

Through Intelligent CX

TPG’s Proprietary AI

Meet Anna™. She’s the industry’s first AI-based evaluation platform, and will change how you assess customer experience in your contact center communications. Because Anna™ knows sales, service, and consumer sentiment.

Ask Anna™ if you want to know:

How to develop agent skills

What triggers customers to become disgruntled with your brand

How to drive more sales

If you are compliant with federal regulations

Anna™ knows customer experience—and her knowledge will help you to coach and comply at scale. With Anna™, you can evaluate all of your interactions to understand what skills your agents need to develop, how you can be more efficient to resolve customer issues, and how you can be more persuasive when communicating your product’s value.

Loyalty & Satisfaction

Customer Effort & Resolution





Media & Entertainment


Financial Services






Business Need
Industry Focus

Our Solutions

The TPG Customer Experience Platform, powered by Anna™, delivers sophisticated, intelligent, and scalable solutions across a wide variety of industries.

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