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The TPG Difference

Anna™ is built upon 25 years of TPG’s proprietary data, created by evaluating agent communication and its impact on consumer experience with your brand.

Anna’s ability to evaluate interactions provides you with a wealth of knowledge to coach personnel toward the needed skill levels to serve your customers, and manage your compliance workflow to mitigate every potential infraction. 


Need technology to simplify these processes? That’s where TPG’s CX Platform comes in, with the software applications to facilitate coaching and compliance management.

The TPG Customer

Experience Platform

—Powered by Anna

How It Works

The TPG Customer Experience Platform, powered by Anna™, offers technical solutions coupled with expert-led strategy to help your team build strong brand memories and drive ROI.

Anna™ knows how to help drive CX transformation through a continuous Evaluate-Analyze-Activate-Optimize cycle. She addresses specific business needs such as sales, retention, and compliance, while keeping a constant pulse on your brand’s customer experience heartbeat. 


Anna™ starts by evaluating and reporting on your prospect and customer tele, chat, and email interactions. 


Going beyond typical speech-to-text analysis, Anna™ leverages 25 years of proprietary CX data to map customer interactions against ~150 behavior-driving communication attributes. 


Anna™ quickly assesses variables like agent skills, business process, voice of customer, and outcome to capture key CX learnings that can then help simplify your coaching and compliance efforts. 


After her evaluation, Anna turns the data into insights by creating an analytics-backed CX action plan. 


Anna can isolate key, brand-specific customer sentiment data, allowing her to create a brand-specific TPG Index™ to measure transformation, and identify & quantify ROI opportunities. 


Anna also empowers our predictive experience modeler to run simulations, so you can actually see achievable outcomes.


Not sure your supervisory team can be classified as successful coaches? Our People Consultancy unit has a proven method that will transform managers into coaches to ensure you receive a ROI for your coaching program.


Our expertise extends beyond people by ensuring you receive a ROI through better dialogue development and streamlined compliance protocols to drive more sales and customer resolutions.


We’re constantly working to measure and improve customer interactions to meet business goals. 


That means we continuously study the impact of CX changes to your brand’s unique TPG Index, factoring in CSAT surveys, Net Promoter Score, Customer Lifetime Value, Average Order Value, workforce management, and competitor analysis. 


We iterate, enhance, and go after new ROI opportunities.