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What Makes Anna™ Different

Anna™ is built upon 25 years of TPG’s proprietary data, created by evaluating communication and its impact on human behavior.

Anna, our AI-based communication assessment platform, analyzes communications with speed, sophistication, and scalability. Leverage Anna’s patented Compendium to capture human sentiment, gain insights around decision-making, and make strategic people & process improvements.

Connect with Humanity
Through Anna™ AI

Experience Platform

—Powered by Anna

Mapping Attributes via AI

Anna transcribes voice recordings to accurate text, including speech pattern flow

Anna decodes conversations to identify key word patterns

Anna maps every conversation against 150+ proprietary human behavior attributes

Anna understands human sentiment, including dialogue intent and semantics

The power of AI paired with communication experts

We partner Anna with our consultancy arm to deliver you scalable, customized results. Our experts help you maximize Anna’s analysis through agent coaching, process improvements, and more.

Centene leverages TPG customer engagement capabilities to create the Ideal Conversation, driving sales and positive brand memories.

+154% Annual Sales Goal (2019)

2x Close Rates YoY (2018 vs. 2019)