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Discover how TPG’s powerful AI can craft communications strategies and solutions that fit your exact needs. Modeled on 25 years of proprietary insights across multiple verticals, Anna's™ communication analysis serves varied industries.

Anna™ Knows Service

Voice of customer insights for call, chat, and email interactions

AI-enabled customer experience mapping against 150+ proprietary behavioral attributes

Strategic leadership and CX software for performance management

Positive customer engagement: CSAT impact, resolution rates, customer lifetime value

Improve CX across key touchpoints like customer delight, loyalty, and retention. Leverage Anna's understanding of human sentiment, coupled with our expert consulting, to take targeted coaching actions.


Anna also powers our Review & Remediate offering, helping you strengthen compliance or handle remediations while simultaneously exploring additional CX opportunities.


Knows Sales

Sales, and Sentiment

Anna's™ knowledge can help your team deliver better CX to achieve acquisition goals. Her analytics empower our state-of-the-art coaching platform, Develop Your Talent, to drive business outcomes while also ensuring compliance and regulations are met.

Analyze prospect interactions for ROI opportunities

Unlock behavioral and procedural sales drivers

Algorithm-led contact center dialogue strategy, coaching, and change management

Drive key acquisition metrics: lead generation, conversion, overall spend

Anna™ Knows Sentiment

Anna™ can confidently identify and asses conversations for human influence. Her intelligence goes beyond textual analysis, giving essential context for understanding the “how” and “why” behind information threats and opportunities. Powered by proprietary behavioral mapping featuring billions of data points from over 25 years of human conversation, Anna™ has the power to uncover formerly unknown attributes significant to communication success or failure.

Regulation & Risk Management

Establish proactive, tech-led risk management systems

Enhance customer engagement strategy, targeting script effectiveness & adherence

ROI outcomes: cost and risk containment




Financial Services


Media &



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