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Daniel Wyers

Daniel has 20+ years of experience in both the public and private sectors. His career has centered around his two passions. The first of which is building up individuals and teams to help achieve career successes for those around him. The second is building software focused on user experience, bringing usability and aesthetics to the center of software design. This approach has led to both happy employees and clients alike.

Daniel began his career working for Motorola producing their internal tools to assist their agents with customer relations and troubleshooting of network equipment. This reinforced his values of providing solutions that improve the quality of customer support while solving technical problems. Daniel spent the first half of his career writing software and learning what goes into making good maintainable software that satisfies clients. During the latter half of his career, He focused on management, developing processes and techniques to keep teams on track, developing good interview capabilities, and mentoring younger engineers. Daniel has overseen a wide variety of software projects including large corporate website launches, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Data Visualization, Government Contract Management, and Geospatial software.

Daniel Joined TPG in February of 2021 and manages the day-to-day operations of the engineering teams. He oversees new product launches as well as the modernization of products including migration to cloud based solutions.

Vice President of Engineering