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Jaclyn Lane

Jaclyn currently leads TPG’s Human Resource Department and Training Department. As the Director of Human Resources, Jaclyn provides HR support and expertise in the core functional areas of Human Resources with a significant focus on compliance, talent and performance management, employee relations, and offers insight and solutions that add value and advance the mission, vision, and business objectives of TPG.  Jaclyn is responsible for implementing tactical and strategic HR and training programs and is continuously evaluating and optimizing operational efficiencies and promoting excellence in internal and external communications.

Jaclyn brings 9 years of Human Resource Experience to TPG in different industries including contact centers and hospitality. Jaclyn previously helped bring a company that oversaw over 50 contact centers in Non-US countries to the United States.  Being that company’s first contact center in the US, she got them fully compliant, allowing them to operate a successful business in the United States. Throughout Jaclyn’s career, she has been involved in company acquisitions, closures, and complete startups. These extreme experiences have allowed her to be exposed to unique areas of Human Resources and handle each situation with sincerity and passion.

Jaclyn played soccer most of her life and went on to continue her education while playing soccer for the Huskers at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  Jaclyn had a soccer injury that ended her extreme competitive soccer career resulting in her transfer to Bellevue University.  From there, Jaclyn received her Bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Science and her Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice Administration and Crime Management.  Jaclyn found an interest in Human Resources when she earned herself a position as an HR Specialist. As Jaclyn continued to apply and educate herself in HR, she continued to grow in her positions and lead different teams, eventually leading the entire Human Resource Department.

Director of Human Resources