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Kelli Smith

Kelli Graduated in 1998 from University of Nebraska – Omaha with a Bachelors of Arts with a major in Communications and Public relations. She has been with TPG for 10 years and continues to serve as a leader and change agent within our executive team.

As our Chief Strategy Officer, Kelli has oversight to the strategy set forth to deliver our PDLC and QualityCare product lines to achieve our clients’ ROI expectations. This oversight includes ensuring that every client has a clearly understood ROI path that will lead us to renewal and expansion, and a properly configured set of enabled & software products to lead to such outcomes. Kelli oversees the collective oversight to our client base to identify growth opportunities to communicate with our Executive Team and Ownership. She spearheads the design and vision leadership for our PDLC & QC product lines to provide innovation thought-leadership on product advancements as well as identify new product needs/ideas.

Kelli has a passion for determining the most optimal way to leverage data to enhance processes and dialogues to better enable our front-line teams and drive results for our customers.

Chief Product Officer