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Sean Warner

Sean joined TPG Inc. in 2021 to lead our DevOps, Infrastructure, and Information Security initiatives. He is responsible for the platforms and infrastructure that enable our state-of-the-art scalable AI. Sean oversees our Information Security, Risk, Privacy, and Compliance programs, from user systems to global cloud operations.

Prior to joining TPG Inc., he worked as a Chief Software Architect for Millennium Corporation in the public sector, and championed the roll out of the DoD Enterprise DevSecOps Initiative to various programs within the Navy, Army and Defense Intelligence Agency.  He supported Business Operations and guided the Business Development team towards successful contract awards of more than $20 Million in software development, IT operations, and DevOps. Sean is passionate about building processes to enable rapid, secure product delivery to maximize the value teams can deliver to their customers, reduce operational costs, and increase product quality and security.

Vice President of Infrastructure, CISO